Our basic five stage process

1. Carpets cleaned using
a specialised vacuum to remove any dry soils from and underneath the carpet.

2. We apply a solution suited to your carpet type
that will break down the soils.

3. Agitation is then applied using the latest machines
to loosen the soils from the fibres, helping to restore
the pile.

4.Hot water extraction is then used to rinse, sanitize and lift soil from your carpet leaving it fresh and clean.

5. We then use our specialised, optional air blowers to aid the air circulation and speed the drying process.

Splash Services

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Commercial Cleaning
We deliver an effective cleaning programme making sure that we cause minimal disruption to the daily routine of your company, if required our cleaning can be carried out after hours or at a time that suits your business. Also we offer a tight control of costs, as we know Carpets are significant business investments and Cleanliness & hygiene prove an important part of your businesses image. If your business is looking for a Commercial Cleaning Company who can clean your commercial, industrial or office carpets, Contact Splash today for a free no obligation quote.

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